The Value of Building a Costa Home

You might be contemplating a change in your living situation. Maybe you want to expand your family, and your current space just won’t do. Maybe your last chick has left the nest, and you’re ready to settle into something a bit more practical. Whatever your needs, there is a custom-built Costa home for you.

Why Choose Costa Homebuilders?

Costa Homebuilders has been building luxury homes for generations. Today, Jeff Costa runs the business with the same work ethic and values that his father John instilled in him at a young age.

The entire Costa team is a family. Our tight knit crew works seamlessly together to help guide clients through the homebuilding process. Every member of our team has years of experience, and brings unmatched knowledge to your home building project. When you choose Costa Homes, the sky is the limit.

Why Build Your Own Custom Costa Home?

Building your own custom home guarantees that you get what exactly you want. Plus, you will know that your home is solid, and will not need any major repairs or upgrades for many years. Choosing to build rather than buy gives you more control over your home’s appearance, location, and functionality.

Designing Your Costa Home

When you’re building your Costa home, you will work with our team to plan the design and layout of your home, down to the smallest of details.

At Costa, we use our tried and true New Life Process® to walk you through the entire home building process, from beginning to end. Our process will cover:

Choosing Your Lot

With a constructed home, you don’t have to worry about choosing between amenities you need and a desirable neighborhood. Buy a lot in your favorite area, and build your perfect paradise. You might even be able to rebuild on your existing lot.

Whether you already have a lot in mind, or you need help finding one, Costa’s Build on Your Lot Specialists can help. A Costa Homes team member will help you identify a location, ensure the land is buildable, and create a plan of action.

Choosing Your Floorplan

Based on your needs and budget, we will help you decide which floorplan layout best matches your unique vision. We want to ensure that your Costa home is functional for you and your family.

Customizing Your Plan

This is the time to decide what you want, and get it all down on paper. We’ll adjust your home’s design to your requirements. Turn the formal dining room into a combined family great room. Or add in an office, gym, or crafting room. From financing to finished product, we make building your Costa home easy.

Building Your Custom Costa HomeWhen you build your own Costa home, you can make sure you get everything you've ever wanted.

After the planning process is complete, the construction of your new home will begin. This can be at once an exciting and a nerve-racking time for home owners. But rest assured, the Costa team makes it as simple as possible. To ensure construction goes smoothly, we will:

Review the entire process

It’s much easier to understand what you’re in for when everything is down on paper. We’ll put together a timeline of construction so you can understand each step, and also be able to plan when to move into your new home!

Make sure you have time to make decisions

We know that it’s important for you to have adequate time to make decisions about your new Costa home. We build about a 4-month window into your home building plan to finalize all your selections. You’ll walk into your new home knowing that every detail, even the hardware on the cabinets, is exactly what you want.

Break ground

After all the planning, it’s finally time for the groundbreaking. We invite our clients to visit the site at any time to view the progress of construction. It’s amazing to watch your lot go from bare land to your dream home!

Polish every last detail

Finally, when your home is finished, we will put the final pieces of the puzzle in place and give you the keys to your Costa home!

How Much does a Costa Custom Home Cost?

The great part about working with Costa Homebuilders is that we are very well balanced. Our system and processes can be adjusted for almost any customer’s needs. We can build anything, from a 3-million-dollar home, to a $300,00 home. And no matter what your price range, we treat each client’s project with the same respect and dedication.

Costa Homes: Your Connection to Luxury Living

Costa homes are designed and built to your exact specifications. Our specialists are available at every step of the process to offer guidance and information about your home building project. We guarantee a stress-free homebuilding process, from start to finish.


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