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When you picture your dream home, you probably have preferences for the location, the landscape you see from your front porch, and the land the home will sit on, along with design of the house itself. The lot that your custom luxury home is built on has a huge impact on its beauty and value, as well as your enjoyment of your home. That's why, at Costa Homebuilders, you have the option to Build On Your Lot.

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Why Build on My Own Lot?

When you choose to build on your own lot, the custom home of your dreams is built on the perfect piece of land, handpicked by you, with the help of our home building experts. There is no better way to start creating your dream home, than to start with a piece of land that you love.


The benefits of building on your own lot are far-reaching:

  • The Build On Your Lot option gives you more control over building the exact home of your dreams, instead of being subject to the parameters set by a master-planned community.
  • When you choose the lot your future home is built on yourself, you have ultimate say in the exact location where you’ll live. Being able to hand select the vantage point you have, the size of your lot, and the usage you get out of your land, are all aspects of choosing your own lot that are incredibly rewarding.

Some of our clients inherit a piece of land or want to build their custom home on land they already live on. If you already have the lot that you want your future home to grace, we are happy to help you develop your dream home on it.

If you need to find a lot, we find that the best results come from partnering with one of our Build On Your Lot Specialists before you even start looking for land. Often, land that is seemingly easy to build on to the untrained eye proves to be more challenging when the builders are actually on site.

Partnering with a Build On Your Lot Specialist helps you in a variety of ways:

Identifying a location

We offer our expertise in narrowing down the perfect area for your lot search. The location of your future home will be a big aspect of how much you enjoy it, the value your home holds for years to come, and your ability to sell it in the future.

While considering areas to buy land, we’ll help you identify factors such as the school zones you want to be in, the commute you’ll be subject to in your new home, and the type of community you want to be part of. By targeting the area that aligns best with your vision, you’ll be able narrow down your search and easily find the exact lot of your dreams.

Ensuring the land is buildable

Our experts are indispensable while reviewing undeveloped land to build a home on. Complications in making raw land buildable are not always obvious. Having a home building professional on your team ensures you choose a piece of land that is capable of being built on.

Reading the fine print before you buy

Our experts will be able to advise you on the nitty gritty aspects of choosing a lot, such as zoning laws, easements, and additional excavation work that might be required. Having this knowledge in the decision-making process will help you avoid any unforeseen complications while building.

Visualizing your dream home on raw land

It can be hard to imagine what a lot will eventually look like when your custom luxury home is sitting on it. Especially if there is an existing structure that will need to be removed or extensive excavation involved. Our specialists will advise you on the resources involved in clearing the land, so that you can look at your undeveloped land and envision your dream home.

Creating a Plan

The style of home you plan to build plays a role in the type of land you should choose to build on. Our experts will ensure that you find land that is appropriate for your dream home. We’ll also help you determine the placement of your home on your land, to get the most value from your lot.

Once the lot has been chosen, your Build On Your Lot Specialist will help you decide the best position for the home on the lot, and will guide you through coordinating plans, options, home site and a location.

We have a variety of home floor plan designs that you can choose from to build on your lot, or you can design your own home from scratch with our New Life® Custom Home Process. When you design a custom home, you are able to tell us the vision you have for your dream home, or look through custom homes we’ve built for other clients to get ideas. We'll go over your dream home wish list and the specs of your land to create a custom floor plan for you.

Once you have the floor plan that was specifically designed for you, on a lot that you handpicked, our builders can get started creating your dream home!

Choosing the right builder for your custom home is an essential part of a creating the home of your dreams. Costa Homebuilders partners with homeowners to provide them with the best lot-buying and home-building process possible. Your own lot, plus Costa’s dedication to quality construction and materials, ensures that your home will stand the test of time.

A few key benefits that our Build On Your Lot clients get when they choose Costa Homebuilders include:


We have a long history of building custom houses that our clients are proud to call home. We’re knowledgeable and experienced with building on lots in master-planned communities, where there are specific guidelines that must be adhered to. We also specialize in building custom homes on raw land, where excavation and utility access have to be coordinated. Regardless of where you want to build, we have years of experience that will ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Our Costa Series and Costa Signature Series packages include floor plans for single story, 1.5 story, or 2 story homes. Our floor plans can be modified to match your wish list and the topography of your lot, or we’re happy to create an entirely custom home for you. If you can dream it, we can build it. And the best part? Desiging your own custom home from scratch does not cost more. Whether you start with one of our existing floorplans, or completely customize your own, the cost is the same.


Building a custom luxury home that stands the test of time goes beyond just creating a beautiful structure. We know that using high-quality materials and good craftsmanship are essential factors when building a custom home. We commit pouring quality into every detail of the homes we build; from the finger-jointed wood baseboards to the hand-scraped engineered flooring we use. Using the best materials and craftsmanship is a signature of Costa Homes.


From the first spark of inspiration until your custom-built house is ready to become your home, we stand by you every step of the way. We coordinate every aspect of the home building and we handle any issues that arise in the process on your behalf. This might be your first home building experience, but we've built hundreds of luxury custom homes. Having Costa Homebuilders on your team will ensure a seamless and stress-free home building experience!

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