Build on Your Lot

When you choose to build on your own lot, the custom home you’ve always envisioned is built on the perfect piece of land handpicked by you, with the help of our home building experts. There is no better way to start creating the home of your dreams than to start with a piece of land that you love.

Benefits of Building on Your Lot

Getting Started

Some of our clients purchase a piece of land or want to build their custom home on land they already live on. If you already own a lot, we are happy to help make your dream home a reality If you need to find a lot, we find that the best results come from partnering with one of our Build on Your Lot Specialists before you begin. They can help you review all the factors to consider when building on your own lot.

Our Build on Your Lot Specialists assist our clients in a variety of ways:

1. Identifying a Location

We offer our expertise in narrowing down the perfect area for your lot search. The location of your future home will be a big aspect of how much you enjoy it, the value your home holds for years to come, and your ability to sell it in the future. While considering areas to buy land, we’ll help you identify factors such as the school districts you want to be in, the commute you’ll be subject to in your new home, and the type of community you want to be part of.

2. Ensuring the Land is Buildable

Often, land that is seemingly easy to build on to the untrained eye proves to be more challenging when the builders are actually on site. Our experts are indispensable while reviewing undeveloped land to build a home on.

3. Reading the Fine Print

We help you tackle the nitty-gritty aspects of choosing a lot, such as zoning laws, easements, and additional excavation work that might be required. Having this knowledge in the decision-making process will help you avoid any unforeseen complications while building.

4. Visualizing Your Dream Home on Raw Land

It can be hard to imagine what a lot will eventually look like when your custom luxury home is sitting on it, especially if there is an existing structure that will need to be removed. Our specialists will advise you on the resources involved in clearing the land, bringing you one step closer to your new home.

5. Creating a Plan

Our experts will ensure that you find land that is appropriate for your dream home. We’ll also help you determine the placement of your home on your land, to get the most value from your lot.

Designing Your Dream Home

Once the lot has been chosen, your Build on Your Lot Specialist will help you decide the best position for the home on the lot, and will guide you through coordinating plans, options, home site and a location.

We have a variety of home floor plan designs that you can choose from to build on your lot, or you can design your own home from scratch with our New Life® Custom Home Process.

Why Costa?

Choosing the right builder for your custom home is an essential part of turning a house into a home. Costa Homebuilders partners with homeowners to provide them with the best lot-buying and home-building experience possible. We are honored to be ranked as the #1 Homebuilder in Pittsburgh by

We Believe it is Because of:

Our Process:

We understand that you want your own special place that reflects your style and taste. Our trademark process, “The New Life Process®” allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and we build it.

Our Team:

It is our team’s mission to provide an ethical, transparent and enjoyable experience for each and every one of our clients. We work in collaboration with architects, skilled tradesmen, and top suppliers to provide the Gold Standard to which every home is built and a 5 star experience.

Our Execution:

Our clients expect the best and refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to requirements of time, budget, design and craftsmanship. Our ability to finish a project on time and on budget is our top priority.

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