Our Team

Costa Homebuilders prides itself on 4 generations of quality home building. Our experienced team will deliver you the best possible building experience from start to finish.


Jeff Costa


Jeff comes from 4 generations of builders who taught him about the homebuilding industry at a young age. He learned many aspects of construction from his father over the years and took that knowledge and experience, along with his love of business, and founded Costa Homebuilders in 1999.  Over the years, he has developed an experienced team who is unmatched when it comes to navigating clients through the homebuilding process. His passion for the homebuilding and real estate industry is why Jeff still enjoys seeing each unique, custom home design come to life for the customers building with Costa Homebuilders. His vision is that his company can help every homeowner build their dream home that fits their individual needs and lifestyle perfectly and can be a place of peaceful retreat.

Sales Team


Sales manager

Anthony has been with Costa for over 14 years. As an expert in the home building process, he is the perfect person to meet with new customers and answer any and all questions. With an extensive background in “Building on Your Lot”, he knows how to take a raw piece of land and turn it into a client’s ideal home. He works diligently with customers to find their perfect lot, determine the home’s placement on that lot, and make the most of the space so 100% of the home is livable. Anthony knows the importance of listening to customers, and providing them with options and endless inspiration. He works closely with each Costa customer to help create their dream home.



Tracey brings a wealth of marketing and sales expertise to the Costa team. She assists customers in locating suitable lots and collaborates with them to curate their ideal selections for crafting their custom residence. Responsible for managing the company’s social media presence and marketing efforts, Tracey ensures cohesive brand representation across various platforms. Passionate about transforming clients’ visions into tangible realities, she guides them through the entire home building journey, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience. Tracey is dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency at every stage of the process.


Chris Zacur


Chris brings over 25 years of invaluable experience to his role as Construction Manager at Costa. In this capacity, he assumes comprehensive oversight of all construction activities, adeptly managing requests from customers, contractors, and vendors to ensure seamless on-site operations. His dedication to efficiency translates into weekly progress updates for clients, underscoring his commitment to excellence. With a Bachelor of Science degree in general education from California University of Pennsylvania, Chris takes great pride in witnessing the evolution of empty lots into beautifully realized custom homes, each representing the fulfillment of his clients’ dreams.



David leverages over 40 years of invaluable experience in his capacity as Project Manager. With a diverse background spanning sales to upper management, David embodies a wealth of expertise crucial to his current role. As the primary point of contact for clients, he ensures seamless communication and provides timely updates on their home building projects. From overseeing on-site progress and coordinating contractors to scheduling inspections, David maintains a steadfast commitment to keeping projects on track. His proactive approach includes regular meetings with clients, fostering open communication to ensure transparency and alignment with their expectations throughout the construction process.



Carrie has been with Costa Homebuilders for over 12 years. Carrie adeptly oversees all facets of project documentation, ensuring compliance with permit and utilities regulations. With a keen eye for detail, she orchestrates seamless coordination among build teams and contractors to guarantee timely completion of clients’ homes, while upholding the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction. Additionally, Carrie meticulously manages the procurement and organization of all essential documentation to facilitate the smooth progression of projects.

Don Hanula

site superintendent

Don has been working with the Costa team for over 17 years.  He assures all of the last minute details and final touches of each home are addressed and assures that the final punch list items are completed to Costa standards.  

Ashton Kahler

Maintenance Coordinator

Ashton plays a pivotal role within the Costa team, diligently coordinating maintenance activities across multiple construction phases. From the initial stages to the final completion, Ashton ensures that building sites are efficiently managed and homes are meticulously prepared for occupancy by new homeowners.

Office Team



Jennifer has been the driving force behind Costa’s accounts payable/receivable department for over 25 years, handling invoices and transactions with expertise. Her role involves constant interaction with clients, subcontractors, and colleagues to maintain precise accounting practices. Jennifer’s proactive communication style sets her apart. She ensures clients are consistently updated and well-informed, keeping them enthusiastic about their new home purchases. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in her commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering positive relationships.



Holly has been with Costa for over 20 years and is equipped with the exceptional ability to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications between customers, subcontractors, vendors, and staff.  She ensures that the day-to-day administrative, financial, and operational functions of the office are efficient and maintained.  Holly loves hearing the customers’ excitement as they enjoy a smooth, organized homebuilding experience. 




Dennis, a veteran of the home building industry for more than 25 years, serves as Costa’s Service Coordinator. His hands on experience, along with his education in business management at West Virginia University, provide him with the background to better serve the buyers of Costa homes. He is responsible for assuring Costa’s high standards are met during the service of home ownership. Dennis is truly a people person, who thoroughly enjoys satisfying the needs of customers. His credo is not to be satisfied until the customer is satisfied.


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