Pros and Cons of 1.5 Story House Plans

What Are the Pros and Cons of 1.5 Story House Plans?

Envision yourself living in a beautiful 1.5-story home in the Pittsburgh area  – A brand new home where you get to choose almost every feature, from style, design, and exterior materials – to the light fixtures, bathroom vanities, and more.

What kind of home do you visualize? Is it a 1-story or 2-story home? If neither fits the bill, a 1.5-story house plan may be the perfect design for your family’s lifestyle. We’ll cover the pros and cons of 1.5 story house plans.


Definition of a 1.5-Story Home

 A 1.5-story home offers you the best of both worlds in a customized house plan design. It allows homeowners the ability to enjoy vaulted ceilings and an airy open floor plan of a ranch, while still having available space for rooms on a second level. The owner’s bedroom is conveniently situated on the first floor, which makes the choice of a 1.5-story home one that you can enjoy throughout your lifetime. 


Pros and Cons of 1.5 Story House Plans

Every house plan has advantages and disadvantages, but why choose a 1.5-story home? Let’s highlight the pros and cons to inspire your decision.

The Pros

  • High ceilings and a second-story view:  A 1.5-story gives homeowners the ability to have a vaulted ceiling and an open floor plan in the common areas on the first floor as well as the option of an awesome view of the home from the second-floor balcony.
  • First-floor owner’s bedroom: The owner’s suite being located on the first floor provides you with the convenience of single-story living but is less expensive than a ranch-style home per square foot.
  • Second Story Balcony:  Having a second story allows for the option of a balcony which can provide more aesthetic possibilities and a view of the home and exterior grounds.
  • Adaptable for all life stages: A 1.5-story home is the perfect design for young families with children or singles who entertain and work at home. A custom 1.5-story home is also perfect for empty nesters who want the convenience of first-floor living.
  • More options for aesthetically pleasing exterior design:  The different elevations of a 1.5-story home give homeowners more exterior design options than a ranch or two-story home.


The Cons

  • Potentially more expensive: The cost of a 1.5-story home may be more expensive than a two story home option due to the larger foundation and roof coverage area.
  • Owner’s bedroom location: A first-floor owner’s bedroom may not appeal to some parents who prefer to have their bedroom closer to or on the same floor as their younger children.
  • Exterior maintenance: You’ll need a tall ladder to maintain the higher elevations of the interior and exterior of your home as oppose the building a ranch. 

How to Choose a 1.5 Story Home Builder

Of the many choices of Pittsburgh home builders, you’ll love the results of a custom Costa home. We have build many 1.5-story homes with various exterior and interior designs. Our expert staff is committed to helping you get your dream home. We’ve built our reputation on quality construction and customer satisfaction.

View examples of some of our 1.5-story homes on our website under models,


FAQs for 1.5 Story Homes

It depends on the weather and other circumstances, but it takes about 6 months on average. Construction times can vary between 10-15 months. The size and location of the home effects the timeline.

Estate homes are highly energy-efficient, which will reduce your utility bills and offer you a healthy, comfortable living environment.

A two-story home has all bedrooms, including the master suite on the second floor. A 1.5-story home has the master bedroom on the first floor, with bonus space and high ceilings in the main living area. 

Absolutely! We’re eager to show you our 1.5 story house plans or help you customize your new home according to your needs and desires.

Partnering with the Right Builder for a 1.5 Story Home

The right builder stands beside you every step of the way. Costa Homebuilders takes pride in being a fourth-generation quality home builder.  Our New Life Custom Home Building Process has a proven track record for greatly reducing the stress of the building process. Contact our Pittsburgh building team today and get started turning your dreams into reality. 


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