Costa Homebuilders’ New Life® Custom Home Building Process Offers Clients an Array of Services and Features for Pittsburgh-Area New Home Construction

Costa Homebuilders’ New Life® Custom Home Building Process Offers Clients an Array of Services and Features for Pittsburgh-Area New Home Construction

This process saves homeowners time, money, and provides more home for their investment.

Elizabeth, PA— Pittsburgh-area homeowners find they are often overwhelmed by the new construction process. Buying land, determining your budget, obtaining financing, and designing a home that fits a family’s lifestyle can be overwhelming.

That’s why Costa Homebuilders developed the New Life® Process. It walks you through the entire new home construction process using a step-by-step approach that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Costa provides a custom construction experience unlike any other in the Pittsburgh area, using land acquisition specialists, architects, product experts, and knowledgeable construction staff to create the perfect home that will meet your present needs while growing with you. This approach takes the guesswork out of planning and building a new home and puts the customer in control.

“One of the best features of the New Life® Process is the step-by-step procedure sheet we give our clients. It explains where they should go to look at options, who they should talk to, and it also gives them a completion date. While all of our new home construction projects are custom-built, we include a structure and time frame that is built into that process—over a period of months, not weeks—so they are in control of the process at all times,” explains Jeff Costa, the operating manager of Costa Homebuilders.

From the first step, Costa is involved. “We help customers search for lots in an area that they love, but we do much more than build on prepared lots,” says Mr. Costa. “We clear sites and will also tear down existing homes on lots that our customers have purchased, prepare the land for construction, and build a beautiful new house.”

Once they have a lot, customers can view Costa Homebuilders’ large library of architectural styles and floor plans to help determine what elements they would like to include in their new home. Costa’s planning staff also helps customers create the layout of their new home.

“As a part of Costa’s New Life® Process, we help clients design a floor plan that will be used 100 percent of the time—every day. We engineer each house so each customer only pays for what they want. That’s why our floor plan specialists spend time interviewing every customer. We want to learn about your family and lifestyle to ensure that all the space we design will be lived in. It’s one of the many ways that the New Life® Process saves you money,” explains Mr. Costa.

With four generations of quality building experience in the Pittsburgh area, Costa Homebuilders understands what benefits and features homeowners are seeking. Stepping into the New Life® Process allows you to find a lot, choose financing, design your home, and then watch as your dream becomes your newly constructed home.


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