5 Factors to Consider When Building on Your Own Lot

When you build a luxury home, you have the creative freedom to decide what it will feel and look like. Choosing to build your own home also allows you the freedom to choose the land your home will sit on.

Building a custom luxury home on your own land offers you the chance to choose and edit your floor plan to your preferences. You can also choose fixtures, room layouts and the view you’d like from every angle of your home.

Here are some of the things to consider when you build a new home on your own land:


1. Location, Location, Location

As they say, location is key. When deciding on a location for your future home consider a variety of factors. Working with a Build on Your Lot specialist will guarantee you’re getting the best possible land and price.


Identifying a location can take some time and professional know how. Here are some factors to consider in your search for the perfect spot:

  • School Zones
  • Your commuting distance/time to and from work
  • What type of community you’d like to live in
  • How you’ll enjoy the land you’re living on
  • If your home will hold or gain value in the future
  • What are the zoning laws applicable to your lot’s location
  • Ensuring the land is suitable to build on (I.E. swampy, uneven or rocky land may need further excavation)
  • What type of soil you’re building on

2. A View That You’ll Want to Wake Up To

When you’re building on your own lot you’ll want to consider what type of view you’d like to have. You might be the type of person who wants space from your neighbors. Or maybe you’re the type who doesn’t mind waving from

your window to the family across the street.

The three most important factors in your home’s view are:

Maybe you’ve dreamt of waking up in the morning and looking out your master bedroom window into the woods…this is the time to make that a reality.

3. The Home’s Exterior Style

You have the freedom to design the exterior of your house when building on your on lot.  A professional home builder can recommend materials and styles that compliment your lot’s surroundings.

Exterior home styles to consider: 

Costa Model home's unique exterior style

Wherever your lot is you should aim to make sure that your home’s exterior look matches your lot’s look and feel for maximum cohesion. A professional home builder can help you choose the style that best reflects your lifestyle.

4. Which Floor Plan Is Best For You

There isn’t a shortage of ideas when it comes to the home building industry. You can choose from existing floor plans designed to meet your needs or customize your floor plan with the help of a professional. Different lots are better suited for certain floor plans. A custom Costa home floor plan

When choosing a floor plan you need to consider:

With no parameters, you’re free to build your house with any floor plan, any size and in any style that you like. Your home building professional will help you determine the placement and floor plan of your home to get the most value out of your lot.

5. How You’ll Use The Space On Your Lot

When building on your own lot it’s important to think about how the lot will be used.

A Costa custom home on a lot

Here are some ways you could consider using the space on your lot:

  • Adding outdoor features or amenities
  • Adding a children’s playground
  • Creating a fenced in area for a pet or children
  • What type of landscaping you’d like
  • If you want to put in a gardening space
  • Adding a pool or small pond
  • Adding a sports court

These are items that you can discuss with your home builder to see if they would make sense on your land.

At Costa Homebuilders, it’s important to us to make your dreams a reality. Our team is well-equipped and experienced enough to give you a detailed breakdown of best practices for building on your own lot. Work with one of our Build On Your Lot Specialists to help you choose the right lot, plan the placement of your home, and choose custom features. Call us today or stop into our showroom to discuss our build on your own lot process and see if it’s right for you.


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