The New Life® Custom Home Five Star Builders Program makes buying your dream home…easy as 1-2-3.

With our New Life® Custom Home Five Star Builders Program we show you:

  • How to get more house for your investment
  • How to save time and money
  • We can recomend a lender that fits your needs
  • Help you to understand pricing step by step
  • We reduce your stress and help you save time and money

Step 1: Evaluate

The first step in the process is doing the evaluation and initial contact! Our process will include:

  • Filling out the New Life® Questionnaire
  • Phone Consultation with our expert which will include:
    • Home building finance options
    • Budget
    • Full review of wants and needs.
  • Evalute price range
  • Decide area – Washington, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette or Westmoreland
  • Let us help you locate a lot to build on

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Mediterranean Inspired Masterpiece in Jefferson Hills

This Pittsburgh Classic could be found in Italy or Greece, but it is a home located on top of a ridge in Jefferson Hills.  This home is just far enough from the road to give it a private feel, while, at the same time, having easy accessibility to major highways, shopping options, and restaurants.  A home with a secluded feel but an easy commute to downtown Pittsburgh is the result.

Mediterranean Style Home

Green Landscaping – 6 Awesome Ideas!

In this economy, saving money is a necessity wherever possible. Using “green” philosophies in and around your home save you money in a variety of ways.

1. Composting

There are many environmentally-friendly items available on the market for fertilizing. Composting, is free and can rid you yard of leaves, garden matter and your grass clippings. By simply following a composting program you can have the microorganisms bacteria and worms make fertilizer for you.

2. Perennials

Every spring there are many sales including perennials in church parking lots and flea markets. These plants come from all over the plant world and have be grown from clippings and have been rooted. They are also extremely cheap. This is a great way to included some much needed color and variety to your garden without spending a lot.

3. Start Your Garden from Seeds

Nurseries charge you for putting seeds into pots and adding water. Save money by doing it yourself. Buy the seeds and prepare them to go after the last frost.

4. Keep all the Pots

When you do buy potted flowers keep the small plastic or the peat pots they come in for the next year’s crop of plants.

5. Natural Planting

In an effort to save on their water bills many homeowners are looking at wild plants that were around years before the settlers introduced their own varieties. Shop around and speak with a garden professional about where to find these plants.

6. Bird/Bat Houses and Feeders

Sparrows love snacking on caterpillars as well as other insects. They can literally make a meal out of your plants. Good bugs like ladybugs eat aphids along with other small insects which can harm plants.

A mature swallow eats its weight in insects a day. Bats will eat as many mosquitoes, plus moths and beetles. You can purchase domiciles for around $15.00 or you can build your own out of materials from around your home. Google bird and bat house building plans for multiple ideas.

This article courtesy of Costa Home Builders a luxury custom home builder with communities in Pittsburgh, Jefferson Hills, Pleasant Hills, Mt. Lebanon, Peters Township and Elizabeth Township areas. They also have luxury properties in Washington and Westmoreland counties. Google custom homes Homestead, luxury homes Pittsburgh, luxury homes Elizabeth or visit: Better yet, give them a call to discuss green landscaping and Custom Homes Pittsburgh!

Your Custom Home – 4 Things You’ll Love About It!

4 Things You’ll Love About Your Custom Home!

It’s a cold, snowy day and you just got home from a long day. Wouldn’t it be great to:

1. Get out of your warm shower or Jacuzzi bathtub, all with fixtures you chose, only to have your feet walk across a warm heated bathroom tile floor, on the way back to your luxurious bedroom, decorated the way you like.

2. After getting dressed, you head to your large, customized kitchen, the one you designed, to make your cup of warm hot chocolate.

3. You take your hot chocolate into your family room that you just got done decorating, and pick out a good book or movie that you’ve been wanting to watch.

4. You wrap up in a big blanket and sit in front of your cozy warm custom built fireplace that you just lit. You look out your large window, watching the snow pile up in your beautifully landscaped backyard, loving that you are watching it all from the comfort of your own customized built home.

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Seven Steps to Successful Home Building- Pittsburgh Home Builders


When building a custom home in Pittsburgh — or anywhere else, for that matter — there are no hard and fast rules that apply across the board. The very nature of a custom home means it is different from others, so the building process often varies from home to home.

With that being said, there are certain steps you can follow to ensure your home building process is a smooth one:

1. Determine Your Budget – Having a custom home built may be the biggest financial decision you ever make. So before you start talking to a builder or looking at lots, you need to determine your budget.

Start by adding up your monthly expenditures. Leave housing out of the equation for now — just focus on food, shopping, lifestyle, car payments, insurance, investments, etc. Compare these figures to your monthly income to see how much of a house payment you might realistically afford.

If you currently own a home, this calculation will be much easier. You simply have to ask yourself, “How much more could I comfortably pay each month for a larger mortgage?”

2. Determine Your Location – When choosing a location for your new home, start with the obvious questions. Is it close to work, school and shopping? Are there major roadways, railroads or other noise-producers nearby? What are the taxes like? How are the school systems? (Quality of schools is important whether or not you have children, because it affects your property values.)

Once you’ve answered the obvious questions, move on to the less-obvious ones: What kind of development is planned for the foreseeable future? Will that beautiful meadow across the street be a parking lot in two years? As of this writing, there’s a lot of development and expansion happening in Pittsburgh so be sure you get a long-range picture of your preferred location.

3. Decide On a Builder – Choosing your custom homebuilder is a major step. Once you’ve established that a builder has a good reputation and a genuine commitment to your happiness, you need to ask the big question: “Does this builder create the kind of home I can see myself in? Does it feel right to me?” Take your time answering these questions and making your ultimate decision.

4. Choose Your Lot – Before you can start looking at floor plans for your new dream home, you need to choose a lot. Floor plans are often dependent on the lot you choose, so the lot usually has to be decided on first.

The reasons for this are sometimes obvious and other times not. Obviously, a longer home will require a longer lot. But there may be other considerations at work. For example, maybe the developer wants to stagger one-story homes and two-story homes throughout the community for overall appeal.

These considerations will vary from builder to builder. For now, just realize that the floor plan will usually depend on the lot you choose. So remember to ask plenty of questions about this along the way.

5. Pick a Floor Plan – One of the great things about a custom home is that it’s, well … custom. Sometimes a custom home builder will offer basic floor plans that you can modify as you wish. Other times, the floor plans are created “from scratch” in coordination with an architect. Either way, you have an opportunity to build a home around your present and future needs.

This step of the process will involve many questions. How much space do you need? How many rooms? One story or two? Any special features, like a 3-car garage? This can often be the most exciting part of the home building process, because it involves turning your vision into a reality.

6. Determine Options – Determine what options or upgrades are desired and fit into the budget.  Review the budget after options have been added and evaluate the totals.  Make any changes.

7. Contract – You are now ready to review your contract and specifications and get any of your questions answered so you are comfortable signing for your new home.

8. Have Fun! – Please Visit the best in Pittsburgh home builders for more info!

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