Winterizing your Custom Home in Pittsburgh

Many families believe that, just because their home is new, there is not a need to take precautions to winterize it.  Just like any other home, however, even new homes have areas that need to be addressed before the Pittsburgh winter sets in.

Costa Custom HomeJeff Costa, of Costa Homebuilders, feels that homeowners should be proactive in taking steps to winterize their new custom home.  “Even though we use we use Energy Star foam insulation and seal all duct work, there are many precautions homeowners can take, to keep out the winter cold, as well as maintain the clean air within the house.”

The cool weather of autumn is a great time to take care of your sidewalks and driveways.  Sealing these areas prior to winter setting in will protect these areas from things such as bitter cold, shoveling, and other wintertime chores that could otherwise damage these surfaces.

As the cooler air moves in, and windows are shut for the majority of the time, it is important that homeowners change their furnace air filter, to ensure that clean and optimal airflow is achieved.  Even with a new custom home, homeowners with pets and allergies will benefit from more frequent filter changes – especially in the winter months.

When the last of the fall flowers have faded, and the need for a garden hose is gone, be sure to shut off the water supply to all outside hose bibs, to ensure that they do not freeze.  This is often overlooked by homeowners, and can cause trouble in your water lines, if unattended to.

Finally, as the snow moves in to the Pittsburgh area, be sure to avoid the use of rock salt on your driveway and walking areas.  While effective, the salt will damage these surfaces, resulting in costly repairs come spring.

Making a list of simple ways to winterize your home early in the fall will allow for time to plan, before the onset of winter.  Taking the time to complete these tasks will ensure that your custom home from Costa Homebuilders will last.


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