5 Necessary Home Features if You Plan to Entertain in Your New Build

For most people, owning a home is their biggest investment. A custom home build allows comfort and flexibility to your new property. With a luxury home build, you can enjoy unique features that will not only complement your lifestyle but will also keep your friends and family entertained when they visit.

When hiring a home builder, you should consider which builder can deliver the features that will turn your property into everyone’s favorite place to be.

Here are 5 essential features to consider for your custom luxury home that will make any weekend get together a truly memorable experience:

1. An Open Concept Kitchen

custom built kitchenThe kitchen is perhaps the most important part of your home. It is where all your guests congregate during get-togethers. And the members of your family will enter the kitchen at least 2-3 times a day. As part of the building process, you should pay special attention to the kitchen.

Gone are the days when formal kitchens and dining room layouts were the norm. That outdated design tends to make the kitchen smaller and harder to navigate. As part of your new custom home build, consider having a kitchen with an open concept design. The open concept refers to having a larger kitchen with open spaces where people can easily congregate. It is an intricate balance between being minimalistic as well as having all the essential kitchen features that make the entire home more comfortable.

For the best possible entertaining space, you should consider installing a large kitchen island where people can enjoy their meals in a social setting. Larger islands are excellent for entertaining your guests because they can easily seat 5-7 people at a time.

2. Features for your Outdoor Space

Another area worth considering for your custom home is your outdoor space. When we are graced with good weather in Pennsylvania, it would be a waste to spend the day indoors. Your guests will want to soak up the sun and enjoy some time outside.

You can make this part of the home more entertaining by installing some of the following features:

A covered porch

For your custom luxury home, a covered porch can act as an area where you enjoy the perfect balance between public and private time, indoor and outdoor space. You can have your guests enjoy being outside in warm weather while still being close enough to the inside areas of your home. A covered outdoor space allows flexibility in entertaining, as a brief rain shower will not put a damper on your dinner party.

Fire pit

A fire pit can turn cool nights into family bonding time. There are many different ways you can have a fire pit installed in your home. Gas fire pits offer a clean and efficient way of enjoying your outdoor space without having to deal with firewood and open flames. Gas pits also come in a wide variety of designs that can complement other features of your home.

You may also choose to stick to traditional fire pits for a more authentic experience. Regardless of the type of pit you install, it can bring your friends and family together to share stories, play games, and enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor kitchen space

outdoor kitchen

One thing is for certain when entertaining; people need to eat. An outdoor kitchen space is one of the best features you can add to spice up the outdoors. This feature will make your cookouts and happy hours much easier to prepare. You can also enjoy an additional cooking capacity by combining both the indoor and outdoor kitchen supplies. And just like that, cooking for your guests will not leave you isolated from the party.


3. Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are the unsung heroes of custom built homes. Guest rooms allow you to entertain your guests all night long, until the party’s over. When hiring home builders, think about how much space you would like to have at full capacity. How many guests can you comfortably entertain? This will determine the number and size of guest rooms that you will incorporate into your home.

With guest rooms, you can easily accommodate any friends or relatives visiting from out of town. You may be wondering where your guest rooms should be located. One convenient place is in a finished basement where your guests can enjoy privacy and adequate personal space while visiting. If building dedicated guest rooms, a good idea is to have them on the opposite side of the main bedrooms in order to keep the same standards of privacy for your guests.

4. Wet Bar

wet bar

Adding an element of convenience and fun in your home goes a long way. You can make your home more luxurious by adding a wet bar in a strategic area of the house. Most people immediately think of installing a wet bar in the kitchen or in the dining room because they will be easy to access. However, remember these areas are already busy enough as is.

A good idea is to have the wet bar installed in between these high traffic areas. This provides a dedicated, cluster-free, and customizable area where you and your guests can easily access. It is also easier to keep a wet bar in this area clean and organized. Consider installing a unique cabinet design that will complement the theme of your home.

Additionally, adding plumbing to your wet bar is an excellent option. This involves installing a sink and drain where you can wash and rinse glasses in between drinks. You can also add a prep area for preparing cocktails. You could also add cabinet space and shelving for storing bar necessities. Installing a small cooler or refrigerator is the icing on the cake, as it makes it more convenient to prepare tasty drinks for your guests.

5. Powder Room on the Main Floor

guest bathroomTo finish off the essential design features of your custom luxury home, make sure you install a powder room on the main floor where your guests will be located. It can be quite inconveniencing to have guests walking up and down the stairs to access the bathroom.

Make things easier by having a powder room near the main area of the home.

A good place to start is installing powder rooms near the living room, kitchen, or outdoor space. The door to the bathroom should be conspicuous so your guests don’t feel as if everyone is watching them as they take a break.

With a custom home being such a significant investment, you should ensure that your property is built to fit your lifestyle. Custom homes can be designed to include all essential features that will make it easier to entertain your guests. When hiring a home builder, consider their dedication towards making your dream home a reality.

Costa Homebuilders is known for providing the finest products at the greatest value. With years of experience in the luxury custom homes market, Costa knows which features work well for your property and how you can design them effectively. Let our professional builders make your dream home a reality.



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