Reasons to Hire a Home Builder

Have you ever watched a house hunting show? The episodes all have a similar scene. A frustrated real estate agent tries to convince a family that there is “potential” in houses that meet their budget, but never their needs.

This begs the question, why not build their own house? Many home buyers decide against building a home because they think it will be too difficult and too expensive. However, building a home with the right team is an easy and efficient way to get the custom home of your dreams. When you work with a home builder, you’ll find the process easy and tailored to your needs.

There will always be complexities in custom home building, but they certainly don’t overshadow the excitement of watching your vision grow from the ground up. Hiring a home builder is the most effective route to your dream home. Here’s some reasons to hire a home builder 

1. Time Efficiency

You may love the idea of designing and building your own home, but you aren’t sure how to get started or how much time it will take. An expert homebuilding team knows the home building process inside and out. They will set an upfront schedule with you and follow it as strictly as possible throughout the process.

So how long does it take for the perfect house to be built from scratch? The truth is, it depends. Size, finishes, and processes all influence how long it should take. 

The home building timeline usually looks something like this:

  • Design phase – one to three months
  • Obtaining contracts and permits – two to six weeks
  • Pre-construction – one to two months
  • Construction – seven to twelve months

A home builder can meet deadlines and deliver quality in the shortest time possible. Speaking of time, Costa Homebuilders puts in the time even after the build is complete, offering a 12 year structural warranty to ensure the work is built to last.

2. Customization

Part of the frustration with buying an existing home is having to compromise. When you build a home, however, you have the opportunity to customize every inch. A home builder will help you pick your very own lot to build on and will help design your home based on your vision and preferences.

At Costa Homebuilders, we offer high quality standard design elements with the option to customize as you choose. Remember that customization extends beyond the interior of a home, including custom landscaping, pool installations, or patio designs.

With a custom home builder, you lead the whole process of selecting what you want, from shingle colors to kitchen layout. Expect to receive ground-up customization that you would lack if you were to purchase an existing home.

custom home, custom kitchen

3. Staying Within a Budget

Nothing beats peace of mind, especially when it comes to a homeowner’s budget. Making use of a custom home builder essentially means you have someone to manage everything, every step of the way, including your budget. A custom home builder can help you:

Explore Financing Options

An experienced builder has likely handled similar cases to yours, and will recommend financing options to explore. Did you know your mortgage payment on your new home does not start until construction is complete? Or that you can sometimes use equity in your current home as a down payment to the new one? Costa Homebuilders can guide you through the entire financing process, recommend banks that fit your needs, and more.

Establish and Monitor a Budget Along the Way

When you approach your home builder with your ideas, they will be able to tell you what exactly can be done, and within what budget. With a professional, there are ways of adjusting while still retaining your dream. When you finally set a budget, your design brief becomes the foundation of the build.

Create an Accurate Budget

A professional and experienced home builder knows what is achievable or practical. Without necessarily compromising on your dream or quality, you can bet they really know how to work on a budget in smarter ways than most people.

custom built home surrounded by trees

4. Established Vendor Relationships

If you’ve found a quality builder who has a reputation to match, chances are they’ve put in years of work with a web of established connections. With so many talented professionals out there, you may ask yourself why your home builder prefers some vendors.

Well, working with trusted vendors is crucial for consistency and high quality of work. At the end of the day, the work of the vendors we use at Costa Homebuilders reflects on our reputation. So we only work with vendors who we trust. Our preferred vendors:

  • Are local connections – Many of the vendors we use have roots in the area and therefore know what works there and what doesn’t.
  • Deliver proven results – You want a home builder who is consistent, offers quality, and is reachable. We require the same of our vendors.
  • Provide endless options – you have your own taste, style, and budget that you would love fulfilled by your home builder. That’s why our preferred vendors have to be very resourceful too.

Build Your Luxury Home with Costa Homebuilders: Focusing on Your Needs, Budget, and Lifestyle.
Many people choose to build a home they can call their own by going the custom route. It’s usually a nice feeling to be able to build to your own unique lifestyle, design, and taste. But one other benefit of doing so is getting additional support by hiring a home builder.

custom built house dining room

A house is a huge investment, and the best you can do is to ensure it’s done right. The bottom line is that hiring a home builder brings you peace of mind. Costa Homebuilders is here to embark on this new and exciting journey of building your dream home with you.

As Pittsburgh area’s premium custom and luxury home builder, we help you acquire your own lot, lead you through design, and finally help you build your dream home based on the New Life® Custom Home Building Process. We are:

  • Experienced

  • Trusted

  • Certified

At Costa, we give you a whole bunch of extra services that you won’t get when you choose to buy an already built home. If you believe a premium custom or luxury home is the best option for you, our doors and contacts are wide open.


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