Costa Custom Homebuilders

Costa Custom Homebuilders is the Pittsburgh area’s premium custom and luxury home builder. We design and build new homes according to your specifications and our exacting standards, and we are with you every step of the way during this process. Costa helps you obtain your own lot, leads you through the design process, and then builds your new custom home near the Pittsburgh area. By using our New Life® Custom Home Building Process, you will save both time and money, and soon you’ll be enjoying your dream home.

We use the New Life® Custom Home Building Process to:

  • Discuss your needs and your budget. We’ll ask you about your plans for your family, your home, and your future. From there, Costa can suggest architectural styles, floor plans, and amenities that will also give you the most space for your investment.
  • Help you find a lot. Costa’s Build on Your Lot Specialist can help you find a lot and arrange for financing. We can also build on a lot that you have bought in a development plan.
  • Provide home design examples. Often, our customers know what they want for one or two rooms, but aren’t sure about the look of their entire home. You can view all of our models that have been designed by our customers to get an idea of floor plans and exterior styles. Or, you can choose to design a home from scratch and then work with us and our architect to blend the interior and exterior you’ve chosen.
  • Offer extra time to choose amenities. Some builders give their customers only a few days to choose hundreds of items that will be placed in their home. The Costa team knows that custom new home details require much more time than that. Plus, you can make changes at any time—you’re never locked in to any of your choices.
  • Build your new luxury home according to your specifications and our standards. Costa Homebuilders provides the finest product at the greatest value. Our new home building standards are designed around our promise that you will receive the highest quality materials and workmanship when we build your home
  • Educate homeowners. We believe that homeowner education is the most important part of the new home building process—both during construction and after your home is completed. That’s why we guide you through every step of New Life® Custom Home Building Process. The more you know about your home, the happier you’ll be in the years to come.

We’d like to help you start your new home journey today! Click the button below if you’d like to talk to Costa Homebuilders about building a new luxury home in the Pittsburgh area, and get a budget consultation for your project!