Need Inspiration For Your New Custom Home? Check Out These 12 Luxury Home Features

When you add luxury features to your custom home, you create a space that is uniquely your own. By using the best available materials, products, and technology to construct your home you’re able to build a perfect sanctuary for your family. Some of these include expanded outdoor areas, smart home technology, and a gourmet kitchen that would leave most professional chefs envious.

When you work with Costa, you can replicate these 12 luxury home features and stay within your budget. Keep reading to discover the features you need to your home into the ideal space for you and your family:

1. Gourmet Kitchens

Want to cook like the pros? A gourmet kitchen may be the perfect luxury home feature for you

gourmet kitchen with large kitchen island

If you love to cook or entertain, then you’ll more than appreciate a new gourmet kitchen. Before planning what yours will look like, be sure to ask yourself a few of the following questions:

  • What kind of dishes do you like to prepare? 
  • How many people cook in your house at any given time?
  • What is the primary function of your kitchen? 

These questions can help you prepare and plan for the amenities that will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

As you are designing your kitchen with the help of a luxury home builder, you’ll be able to design every aspect to suit your needs. Here are just a few of the many luxury features that you can add to your gourmet kitchen:

  • Superior quality, top-of-the-range appliances with industrial-strength ventilation
  • Plenty of storage, including a walk-in pantry
  • Heavy-duty countertop materials like Quartz
  • Custom kitchen lighting
  • 2 island areas for additional counter space
  • Multiple sinks for food prep and cleanup after a meal
  • Full-height stone backsplash
  • A spacious kitchen layout

Incorporating any of these additions into your kitchen will make your space more functional. Trust us, you won’t regret the additional time and thought you put into your kitchen as you use it daily!

2. Wine Cellars

Preserve and display your collection with your dedicated wine cellar

wine cellar in luxury home with exposed brick accent

If you enjoy wine, having your own wine cellar is a dream come true. New technologies, allow you to regulate the temperature of specific spaces to house bottles of wine. 

You can install a nook to your bar space or you can dedicate a room for your wine cellar. No matter which option you choose, you won’t be disappointed in this addition to your custom estate.

If you have a robust wine collection, you understand that wine can’t just be stored anywhere. With a wine cellar as one of your luxury home features you can prevent your wine from spoiling and you can organize and showcase your collection! You’ll also have enough space to store large quantities of wine.

3. Expanded Outdoor Living Areas

Maximize your outdoor space and your connection with nature

outdoor garden fountain with pond and bridge

More and more homeowners are investing in their outdoor spaces! Outdoor kitchens, pools with waterfalls, hot tubs, and changing cabanas are just a few of the outdoor luxuries people are adding to their custom homes. Let’s look at a few of the most popular outdoor additions for custom homes this year:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pools
  • Pool house
  • Screened in porch
  • Waterfalls/water features
  • Hot tubs
  • Changing cabanas

With these additions, you can turn your backyard into a staycation destination!

4. Heated Floors

Stay warm no matter the time of year with heated floors

There is no worse feeling than ice-cold tile floors in the middle of the winter. That’s why many home buyers seek out heated floors to maximize the luxury feel of their home. After all, who wouldn’t want to step out of the shower onto a nice, warm bathroom floor? Heated floors are most common in the bathroom, but you can heat any floor in any room of your brand-new home.

It is also possible to heat your carpet or tile. Floor heating is a major plus for prospective buyers too!

5. Hardwood Floors

Add stylish yet durable wood flooring to your custom home

Wood is the most sought-after flooring option these days. In most cases, luxury home buyers are looking for hardwood floors in the living room, kitchen, and other common areas of the home. There are a few reasons why real estate agents are always quick to mention wood floors in the common areas of a home:

  • Sophisticated look
  • Easy to clean
  • Timeless
  • Durable

For kitchens, hardwood is a must-have because it’s stylish, comfortable on your feet, and has a lavish appearance. Hardwood floors are known to stand the test of time both in terms of design and strength. Getting wooden floors is a great investment because they are one of those luxury home features that never go out of style.

6. Ornate Front Doors

Make a great first impression on your guest with a unique front door

ornate front door on custom built home

First impressions count! Because first impressions are so important, many luxury homeowners want to impress their guests with eye-catching front doors. An ornate front door design may feature glass and ironwork details and vary in height from six to eight feet.

Plus, there are a variety of ways to customize your front door, from the materials you choose to the design and colors. Be sure to speak with your custom home builder to figure out which option is best for the front of your home. What better way to increase your curb appeal than to have a beautiful front door that speaks to your style?

7. Smart Home Technologies

Automate your life with the latest advancements in smart home technology

The luxury homes of today have top-of-the-line security and automated in-home features. Controlling your lights, security, appliances, and more with the push of a button on your smart device. As these technologies increase in popularity, smart home tech is becoming a must-have for homebuyers. 

Partnered with smart speakers/smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, you’re sure to love a home that is able to adapt to your needs. The more smart home features you add, the more convenient your day-to-day living.

8. Large Kitchen Islands

Interested in a gourmet kitchen? You may also want to consider a large kitchen island

Many luxury home buyers want large kitchen islands to be the focal point for entertaining in their kitchen. Often, kitchen islands are the central meeting point for all types of entertainment. Depending on your personal preferences and how you like to entertain, your kitchen island can be customized to your exact specifications. Talk to your builder to discuss the specifications for countertop materials and more!

9. Covered Back Porches

Enjoy your yard while avoiding the harsh glare of the sun

A covered porch is a lovely place to sit and enjoy your afternoon. Plus, it adds extra living space to your custom home! Your covered porch will shield you from the elements and will provide extra space for spending time with the family. If you and your family love the outdoors, covered porches are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the time of year.

10. Exterior Stone Accents

Exterior stone accents are a great luxury home feature to add to your new build

By including natural stones on the exterior of your home, you’ll increase your curb appeal and the unique character of your home. Stone is very low maintenance and desirable to home homeowners because it allows for customizable designs and is very easy to maintain. You can also mix stone and brick or use it in a wainscoting effect.

11. En-Suite Baths

Attached baths are not just for primary bedrooms!

en suite bath as a luxury home feature

To add a bit more luxury to your bedrooms, opt for en-suite baths attached to multiple bedrooms. En-suite bathrooms are common for primary bedrooms, but many neglect to add en-suite bathrooms to other areas of your home. If you have guests who frequently stay over, an en-suite bathroom will make their stay all more private. These types of bathrooms are also great for kids!

12. Sauna/Steam Room

Bring a signature spa feature to your brand-new luxury home

Do you have trouble relaxing? No time to get to the spa? When you choose to install a sauna or a steam room in your home, you can reap all of the benefits without leaving your home. People who regularly use saunas report mental and physical health benefits. If you are someone who prioritizes health, wellness, and relaxation, then a sauna or a steam room may be the perfect luxury home addition.

By installing luxury home features, you are creating a home that you’ll be proud to own. When you take the time to feature luxury options in your home design, you get the opportunity to design something truly unique. Be sure to talk with your builder to discuss what options are available to you within your budget. From there, they can help you design a dream home that you will cherish for life.

At Costa Home Builders we have a reputation for excellence in home building. We have been delivering the residents of the Pittsburgh area high-quality results for their luxury homes for years. We have many options to choose from to make your home elegant. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. We’ll make sure you’ll have the perfect home to fit your style and individual needs.

If you are searching for even more inspiration for custom luxury home additions, check out the “18 Must-Have Luxury Features for Your New Home” free download!

If you are ready to get started planning your dream home, contact Costa Homebuilders for more information!


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