How to Design a Floorplan Your Family Can Actually Live In

Designing your own home is a thrilling experience. There’s no limit to the customizations that you can incorporate to build a home that perfectly suits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

However, since there are so many options that you can include in your floorplan, figuring out a design that your family will make the best use of might feel overwhelming. Throughout the homebuilding process, you’ll work with a team of professionals who are capable of creating a home that belongs in a magazine – but only you know your own needs and what floorplan you’ll get the most life out of.

This open floorplan is perfect for families.

For a home that is tailor-made just for your family, here are a few tips we give our clients while designing the floorplan of their dreams:

Partner with your builder.

You’re the expert on your home design needs and personal style. And our team of home designers and architects are experts on creating a floorplan that makes your dreams a reality.

We’ve found that the greatest homebuilding experiences are a result of the client working closely with our builders. The partnership between the client and builder is so important that the very first thing we do with new clients is have them meet with our team and describe their dream house. The more communication we have with our clients, the more empowered our team is to create the floorplan of their dreams.

Consider the placement of your home on your lot.

Many floorplan elements can be changed down the road as your life changes – you might decide to renovate or build an addition years from now. However, the placement of your home is here to stay.

After you’ve selected a lot, our team will help you determine the best placement of your future home, taking the direction of the sunlight, traffic noise, and balance of the front and back yards into consideration. The placement of the home on the lot will be a big factor in the floorplan design.

Consider what your life will look in five years.

Most people who build a custom home are planning to live in it for a long time. When you are planning your home design, consider the needs you anticipate having in several years, as well as the needs you have now.

For example, if starting a family is in your future plans, you may want to incorporate space that can be converted into a nursery when the time is right. On the other hand, if you’re building a home to retire and grow old in, you may want a single-story floorplan, or to design the rooms you’ll spend the most time in on the lower level of your home, so that going up and down stairs won’t become burdensome.IMG_8264

Do some window shopping.

It’s not always easy to visualize what your future home will look like when you’re making choices based on floorplan drawings. Before settling on a home design, walk through several home models and take note of concepts that appeal most to you. While visiting the homes of friends and family, keep an eye on the floorplan, to get an idea of your own taste. Always keep your eyes peeled for things that you like and dislike!

You can look through our models for ideas, or you can design your own floorplan from scratch. You might be able to develop a floorplan that best meets your needs and taste by mixing design elements from several different home models that you like.

Consider your lifestyle.

We’ve built homes with movie theaters, personal gyms, sports courts, and gourmet kitchens. There is no limit to what we can incorporate into your floorplan. It’s up to you to determine what you would get the most use out of and what would make your family happiest.

If you love entertaining, you might get the most enjoyment out of an extra-large dining room or professional-grade kitchen. If you work from home, you might want to create a floorplan that optimizes the space and vantage point that you’ll use for your office. If you’re more of an outdoors person, you might love a floorplan that flows seamlessly into a swimming pool area.

Our team can work anything that your imagination creates into your floorplan. Let the needs of your lifestyle be the driving force in determining how to design your floorplan.

Ready to start designing the floorplan of your dreams? Reach out to us today. We’d love to talk to you about making your dream home a reality.


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