9 Questions to Ask a Home Builder: Choosing the Right Partner in Pittsburgh

Building a home from the ground up can be challenging, especially in Pittsburgh. There are many factors to consider; from the quality of the home, the design, the location, and the type of structure that best suits you. This is…
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custom home build
What to Expect During the Custom Home Building Process

For most of us, the custom home building process is equally exciting and overwhelming–you’re ready to live in the house of your dreams, but making it happen is a daunting prospect. The best way to get comfortable with the custom…
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Reasons to Hire a Home Builder

Have you ever watched a house hunting show? The episodes all have a similar scene. A frustrated real estate agent tries to convince a family that there is “potential” in houses that meet their budget, but never their needs. This…
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Mistakes to Avoid During Your New Home Construction

Building your new home is an exciting life moment. But it’s also a delicate one. This is a big investment for you and for your family. You want it to be a good experience…with an even better end result.