Costa Homebuilders’ Program Saving Customers Time and Money

Pittsburgh, PA – The decision making process for building a new home can be overwhelming. With four generations of building expertise, Costa Homebuilders understands this. The company has designed a unique program that is bridging the gap in the new construction process by guiding customers through a seamless home building experience.

Costa | Entertainment Room

The Pittsburgh-area home builders’ New Life® Process is providing customers with a cohesive and all-inclusive approach to building a new home. As a leader in the industry, the company understands the varying types of benefits and features homeowners are seeking. Costa’s process guides customers through each new home construction phase and takes the guesswork out of planning. The program guides customers step-by-step, including buying land, budgeting, financing, and designing a home that’s tailored to their specific needs and lifestyles.

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What really is a Luxury Home?

Costa Luxury Homes

A home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. It tells the story of your family to every guest who steps through the door.

Luxury Home - Outside

What story do you want to tell?

When it comes to home building and home remodeling, we find that people love to create custom spaces that add a touch of fantasy and a lot of luxury, but most of all that play to the way they live.

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Costa Homebuilders’ New Life® Custom Home Building Process Offers Clients an Array of Services and Features for Pittsburgh-Area New Home Construction

Costa Homebuilders’ New Life® Custom Home Building Process Offers Clients an Array of Services and Features for Pittsburgh-Area New Home Construction

This process saves homeowners time, money, and provides more home for their investment.

Elizabeth, PA— Pittsburgh-area homeowners find they are often overwhelmed by the new construction process. Buying land, determining your budget, obtaining financing, and designing a home that fits a family’s lifestyle can be overwhelming.

That’s why Costa Homebuilders developed the New Life® Process. It walks you through the entire new home construction process using a step-by-step approach that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

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Costa Homebuilders Providing Pittsburgh’s Perfect Lots for Perfect Homes

GASTONVILLE, PA (October 24, 2014) – Pittsburgh is growing with many perspective homeowners who are looking for the perfect area to live their lives, and Costa Homebuilders has the answer. With three widely-opened, available lots as options, the homeowners are sure to find an incredibly safe, Pittsburgh based area to reside and grow families in, which Costa has rights to build on.

The three available lots are located in Mt. Lebanon School District, Peters Township School District and West Jefferson Hills School District. These specific areas are obtainable for immediate custom home construction in a great area with a trusted company that has existed for over 32 years in the Pittsburgh area, serving Washington and Allegheny County.

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Outstanding Features of Estate Homes

An estate home makes a statement of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Costa Homebuilders uses only the finest materials and building technology to construct truly special homes with amazing features in every room. From master suites, to geothermal heating systems, to indoor courts, we have built the best estates homes in the Pittsburgh area.


Estate home kitchens are especially designed for gourmet cooks and those who love to entertain. Our kitchens are:

  • Spacious. These kitchens (and the dining rooms they often connect to) are designed with extra space. They have plenty of room around the island for a family to eat or for a large group to gather during the holidays.  They often include butler’s pantries, oversized islands, custom cabinets for appliances, and customized storage space. Our goal is to design a kitchen and dining roomKitchen Remodel that will fit the whole party!
  • Made from upgraded materials. Granite countertops, custom-designed cabinetry, and numerous finish color options combine to make these kitchens the heart of the home.

Master Bedroom Suite

The luxurious master bedrooms found in these homes are one-of-a-kind, with features that make homeowners feel as if they’re enjoying a relaxing vacation. Some highlights in master suites that we have built are:

  • Dressing rooms. Our customers are always looking for more closet and storage space. Instead of a regular walk-in closet, we create a whole room that is specially designed for clothes, shoes, suits, bags, and purses. You may want to include three-sided mirrors and allow space for plush chairs and couches.
  • Fireplaces. The warmth and romance of a fire is one of the most requested items for custom bedrooms. Along with wood floors, built-in cabinetry and French doors overlooking an expanse of green lawn, it makes the perfect space for a little downtime.
  • Master bathrooms. A beautiful master bedroom should be paired with an amazing master bath. We can add customized cabinetry for storage, jet tubs, Mediterranean tile showers with rain head and body sprays, two or more sinks, large mirrors, customized lighting features—even sauna rooms.Master Bedroom Remodel
  • Sitting Room. A sitting room or private library is a relaxing retreat. Add a centerpiece fireplace, wall-to-wall windows, and comfortable couches and chairs to personalize this space. It’ll be the favorite room in the house.

Outdoor Living Areas

Many of our customers love to build their indoor space so that it spills into the outdoors. We suggest:

  • Outdoor kitchens. Under a roof or under the stars, an outdoor space with features like an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, or stone fire pit invites family and friends to relax during sunny spring days, lazy summer months and crisp fall nights.
  • Pools. Inground pools and decks with surrounding hardscape features compliment the exterior of these spectacular homes.

Enjoy Your Hobbies Right in Your Home

Costa can also bring your outside interests to your home, whether it’s basketball, movies, or swimming.

We can build or install any of these:Custom Remodel

  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Indoor courts
  • Theater rooms
  • Private libraries
  • Athletic facilities
  • Mother-in-law suites
  • Smart Home technologies
  • Camera surveillance
  • Automated lighting package
  • Whole-house audio, wireless, and network package
  • Oversized garages
  • Wine cellars

Architectural Styles

An estate home is an extension of yourself, so our customers choose styles that match their interests and outlook. Some of the styles they favor are :

  • Mediterranean:  This European style includes Italian features of terracotta and tiles, Greek columns and arches, and Spanish wrought iron and stucco.
  • French: This style evokes country homes with arches, stone, and rustic wood beams.
  • Modern: The modern style describes many different kinds of contemporary home styles. It has different elements that create a 21st century style, with bright, open spaces, open floor plans, and straight lines in the architecture.Game Room Remodel

You can also get inspiration from a great website called Houzz, which has a large assortment of design photos to find ideas for your future home. Costa Homebuilders also showcases estate home pictures on this site that you can review. We don’t build cookie cutter homes—we focus on what our customers want and then help them design the home of their dreams.

Estates by Costa:  You dream it, we build it. Call us today to learn more about estate homes.

Building A Custom Home In Pittsburgh? How To Choose A Good Lot

The Pittsburgh area offers many options in terms of building lots. If you are planning on building a custom home in Pittsburgh there are many things to take into consideration: school district, proximity to the city, shopping areas, or even whether you want to remain close to your work or family.

Choosing the right lot can be a crucial decision in the long-term enjoyment of your home. A custom home is meant to be a “dream home,” a significant investment, and the lot that the home will stand on is a key part of that investment.

Choosing a General Area

This is probably the first and most important step in choosing a lot for a custom home. The the greater Pittsburgh area and its surround counties offer many options with plenty of sites to consider when building your dream home. If you have, or are planning to have children, school district is also something to consider. There are plenty of online resources available to research local school districts.

When choosing a home site, be sure to also take into consideration how long you want to commute to your job and to area shopping. Solitude can be peaceful, but you may regret it later if you are spending a few hours a day driving to and from work.

Municipal services are also an important factor in a custom home site. You are going to want to be sure that your home is serviced by a police and fire department, and that water and sewerage lines are available. You also want to be sure that in severe weather, that the local township will be maintaining the roads around your area, otherwise they could be inaccessible.

It is also a wise idea to check local planning office for residential density areas on a map. If a particular area is zoned primarily for commercial use, you run the risk of being surrounded by strip malls and fast food restaurants. Areas that are heavily commercial can bring the property value of your custom home down. The local zoning and planning office is also a good source of information as to any building restrictions there may be in regards to your custom home.

Cost of Land

It is the general recommendation that you spend no more than 20% of the total cost of the house and land on a custom home site. For example, if you have $275,000 to invest in a home, you should spend no more than about $55,000 for the land. There are other costs involved as well, generally referred to as “prepping” the land for building. Some of these costs could include:

  • Tree survey
  • Plot survey
  • Soil testing
  • Lot clearing
  • Septic or sewer design and engineering
  • Distance of home from street
  • Utility tap fees
  • Permitting

It is important to research as much as possible in advance. Knowing exactly what the costs are, as well as the area, will only help you in negotiating a better land deal. Consulting with an experienced Pittsburgh Custom Home Builder can assist you with evaluating your land as well as helping to prep it for your custom dream home.

It’s also important, if possible, to reserve your lot prior to building.  This will ensure you have the exact lot you want, when it’s time to build.

Winterizing your Custom Home in Pittsburgh

Many families believe that, just because their home is new, there is not a need to take precautions to winterize it.  Just like any other home, however, even new homes have areas that need to be addressed before the Pittsburgh winter sets in.

Costa Custom HomeJeff Costa, of Costa Homebuilders, feels that homeowners should be proactive in taking steps to winterize their new custom home.  “Even though we use we use Energy Star foam insulation and seal all duct work, there are many precautions homeowners can take, to keep out the winter cold, as well as maintain the clean air within the house.”

The cool weather of autumn is a great time to take care of your sidewalks and driveways.  Sealing these areas prior to winter setting in will protect these areas from things such as bitter cold, shoveling, and other wintertime chores that could otherwise damage these surfaces.

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The New Life® Custom Home Five Star Builders Program makes buying your dream home…easy as 1-2-3.

With our New Life® Custom Home Five Star Builders Program we show you:

  • How to get more house for your investment
  • How to save time and money
  • We can recomend a lender that fits your needs
  • Help you to understand pricing step by step
  • We reduce your stress and help you save time and money

Step 1: Evaluate

The first step in the process is doing the evaluation and initial contact! Our process will include:

  • Filling out the New Life® Questionnaire
  • Phone Consultation with our expert which will include:
    • Home building finance options
    • Budget
    • Full review of wants and needs.
  • Evalute price range
  • Decide area – Washington, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Fayette or Westmoreland
  • Let us help you locate a lot to build on

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Mediterranean Inspired Masterpiece in Jefferson Hills

This Pittsburgh Classic could be found in Italy or Greece, but it is a home located on top of a ridge in Jefferson Hills.  This home is just far enough from the road to give it a private feel, while, at the same time, having easy accessibility to major highways, shopping options, and restaurants.  A home with a secluded feel but an easy commute to downtown Pittsburgh is the result.

Mediterranean Style Home