4 Curb Appeal Considerations for Custom Homes

One of the most rewarding aspects of building a custom home is the sense of pride you experience every time you pull into your driveway.  While every detail of your custom home is planned to meet your needs and lifestyle, that first impression that the exterior of the home radiates from the curb is particularly important.

The curb appeal of a custom home not only impacts its resale value, it gives the home personality, extends the living space outdoors, and is the cornerstone of the homeowner’s pride in ownership.

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HouseTrends Feature: Custom Home Surrounded by Nature

This lot in Jefferson Hills is surrounded by lush land. Lots of greenery, tall trees and a natural pond. Such a gorgeous lot called for an equally gorgeous home! So, the owner got in touch with Costa to create a unique custom home that took full advantage of the beautiful surroundings. We worked alongside the customer and our friends at Naturescape to design an outdoor living space the family will love.

Costa helped create the perfect home for this lush lot.

Image credit: Housetrends.com

Some of the custom outdoor amenities this home features are:

  • A salt water pool with an automatic cover
  • A large patio complete with a fantastic view
  • A waterfall feature on the natural pond
  • An outhouse perfect for picnics
  • A firepit with plenty of surrounding seating

Living in this home is like living in your very own park! There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy or nature to admire. And the best part? It was all custom designed to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle.

See the photos and learn more in this article on HouseTrends: “Landscape Design Leads Back to Nature”.

Five Things to Consider When Building a Luxury Home

There are many things to consider when building your luxury home.

We’ve all heard the saying, “home is where the heart is.” This is particularly true for people who build their own luxury home. When you buy a pre-existing home, no matter how much you love it, there is always at least one thing you wish were different. But when you build your own luxury home, every detail is custom-designed to fit your needs and style.

When you build a luxury home, your home really does become the place your heart is.

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Building on Your Own Lot Makes the Custom Home Building Process Easy

Build on a Custom Lot

When you’re ready to build a new home, it’s exciting to think about what it will look like—and how much you’ll enjoy living there—when it’s complete. First, though, you’ll start the process by designing your dream house and beginning the construction phase. If you have decided to construct a beautiful new custom home on your own lot, you’re going to have the freedom to build just the type of home that you would love to live in.

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When Do You Know that it’s Time to Build a New Home?

Building a New Home

If you’re planning to move in the future – either close to your current location or further away – you’ve probably thought about how all of your home needs and wants will be fulfilled. Will you be able to get exactly want you want? Maybe you’d like to live in a home with a commercial-style kitchen and plenty of space for entertaining, or you’re looking for a room that can be used as a home theater. You may not find a perfect house that already exists. It’s time to think about new construction.

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What are our customers saying?

Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying

The best way to gain piece of mind is to find out what others are saying about their experience building a custom luxury home. Pittsburgh-based Costa is fortunate to have an outpouring of success stories. And the trends show that we excel in the areas that are important to you. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric, from beginning to end, in every aspect of the project.

What sets Costa apart from the rest?

  • A team of talented professionals who are experts in every aspect of custom homebuilding.
  • Provides individualized attention unmatched by national companies
  • Impeccable subcontractors throughout every stage
  • Distinct professional touches
  • They take a complex project and make it a wonderful and carefree experience

New Life Custom Home Building Process

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How are you maintaining your new home?

Are You Maintaining Your Home

A new home means starting with a fresh, clean slate. In order to keep your home in tip-top condition, we recommend a few easy maintenance tips.

Once a year

  • Replace batteries in thermostat
  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Clean and caulk gutter seams
  • Clean and caulk exterior windows, doors, roof/siding, and flashing. Inspect paint, stain, and polyurethane on front door
  • Seal concrete (do not use any ice melt products on concrete)
  • Clean and seal wooden decks, posts and railings

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Why you Should Start Building your Home in Spring

Building Your Home in Spring

Spring is a great time to begin building your new luxury home. Pittsburgh weather may lag behind other areas, but it’s safe to say the warmer temperatures are upon us and likely here to stay. What does that mean for home construction? It means weather delays are less likely, and after the excavation is done, there’s no need to worry about frost impeding the progress before your home’s foundation is complete. But those are just some of the reasons.

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