What are our customers saying?

Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying

The best way to gain piece of mind is to find out what others are saying about their experience building a custom luxury home. Pittsburgh-based Costa is fortunate to have an outpouring of success stories. And the trends show that we excel in the areas that are important to you. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric, from beginning to end, in every aspect of the project.

What sets Costa apart from the rest?

  • A team of talented professionals who are experts in every aspect of custom homebuilding.
  • Provides individualized attention unmatched by national companies
  • Impeccable subcontractors throughout every stage
  • Distinct professional touches
  • They take a complex project and make it a wonderful and carefree experience

New Life Custom Home Building Process

Costa Homebuilders has developed our own unique process to assist our clients. We discuss your needs and budget, help you find a lot, provide home designs to choose from, offer ample time to select amenities, and answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. This proven method sets us apart — from beginning to end.

Custom Luxury Home

Efficient, well-managed timeline, and strong communication
With careful planning, and always taking the time to listen to the customer’s concerns or needs, Costa has established themselves as a premier, quality custom homebuilder in Pittsburgh.

Costa makes a potentially overwhelming process enjoyable through a number of ways. First, the process begins with a “get everything on paper” approach. From there, the process is streamlined. After years of experience, Costa knows what needs to happen and when. After initial plans are made, the ball is rolling. From start to finish, Costa Homebuilders is high quality and professional every step of the way, and is a pleasure to work with.

With quality and craftsmanship second to none, Costa Homebuilders is recommended again and again.

Natural Problem Solvers

Another testament to Costa is how they handle problems. As with any project, problems do arise. The difference with Costa is how these issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Customers said the Costa team takes the unexpected head-on and handles it, period, so that the customer never stresses about what to do or what’s going to happen. This goes a long way for homeowners who depend on their builder.

Proven Expertise to get the job done right

Costa is thrilled to share all of the wonderful things our customers are saying about the experience of building with us. Customers have expressed delight in working with everyone on the job site and seeing it all come together.

Please see more detail about our customer testimonies. (link the words “customer testimonies” to https://www.costahomebuilders.com/testimonials/ )


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