Costa Homebuilders Providing Pittsburgh’s Perfect Lots for Perfect Homes

GASTONVILLE, PA (October 24, 2014) – Pittsburgh is growing with many perspective homeowners who are looking for the perfect area to live their lives, and Costa Homebuilders has the answer. With three widely-opened, available lots as options, the homeowners are sure to find an incredibly safe, Pittsburgh based area to reside and grow families in, which Costa has rights to build on.

The three available lots are located in Mt. Lebanon School District, Peters Township School District and West Jefferson Hills School District. These specific areas are obtainable for immediate custom home construction in a great area with a trusted company that has existed for over 32 years in the Pittsburgh area, serving Washington and Allegheny County.

These school districts have a variety of areas for perspective homebuilders to choose from such as Briarwood, Castors’ Farm, Chamberlin Ridge, Jefferson Estates, Pleasant View, Old Trail and The Overlook. According to an article in the Pittsburgh Business Times, “[These] Southwestern Pennsylvania towns are among the top 10 best places to raise young families in the Commonwealth.”

The available lots provide new homeowners with a variety of opportunities. For example, Chamberlin Ridge consists of 115 home sites planned within 78 acres of land for single-family developments. All Pittsburgh Real Estate Realtors John and Michael Thatcher work hand-in-hand with Costa Homebuilders and perspective homeowners to help them find the perfect lot for their perfect home.

Costa works hard, and that is proven through the exclusive “New Life” custom home program. This is where the homeowners are ensured that the homes are filled with personal tastes and styles for all.
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