Luxury Additions You Absolutely Need in Your Custom Home

Starting the new home build is an exciting process. With an opportunity to design your home from the ground up, you can incorporate unique features that truly represent your style. Luxurious rooms make a custom home more comfortable and exciting. Provided is a list of luxury additions you absolutely need in your custom home.

There are some common luxury rooms that are trending these days. These include wine cellars, indoor gyms, theaters, and gaming rooms. But in addition to these unique spaces, there are other types of rooms that can be truly useful in your new home. These rooms will add to the uniqueness and longevity of your property over the years.

As you begin the building process for a custom home, consider adding some of the following unique luxury spaces.

1. Children’s Playroom

children's playroom in new home

For families with young children, bedrooms may not provide enough space for them to play. With your custom home build, consider adding a dedicated playroom. This room can be used to house all your children’s toys, learning materials, and artwork. With a playroom, you can separate children’s bedrooms from the space where they actually play. This separation will reduce the amount of clutter that tends to accumulate in your kid’s bedrooms (as well as other areas of the home).

To bring a playroom to life, consider the layout and materials you plan to use. Designing the room for younger children? Consider installing a soft carpet or matted play area to account for all of the tumbling and rolling around! There should also be enough natural light coming into the room for all the potential arts and crafts!

As your children get older, this playroom can evolve into a gaming or entertainment room. Toys such as dolls and puzzles can be gradually replaced by gaming systems, foosball tables, and TV screens.

2. Luxury Bathroom

It goes without saying that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of a luxury home build. When hiring home builders, make sure they can design a luxury bathroom for you and your family. Indeed, a simple sink, toilet, and shower design is slowly becoming outdated. To truly get the best out of this space, consider adding spa features, a sauna shower, and a luxury bathtub.

You can add spa features to your luxury bathroom by incorporating a steam shower. A walk-in design for your shower will add an elegant touch to the entire space. Use dual shower heads with programmable thermostats (which will give you more control over water temperatures).

You can also match the shower design with proper wall and flooring options. Marble or granite finishes can provide a stylistic feel to a luxurious bathroom. Also don’t forget to add a freestanding bathtub. It should be large enough for you to comfortably fit inside. Jacuzzi features are an added bonus to truly make your bathroom spa-worthy.

luxury bathroom

And finally, incorporate a bit of technology into the room itself. Surround sound, customized lighting, and automated toilets can turn any dull bathroom into an elegant part of the home.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Area

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways of adding utility to your yard. Rather than rushing back and forth from your main kitchen whenever you need to prepare something, make your barbecues and luncheons much easier to plan with an outdoor kitchen area.

When designing an outdoor kitchen for your luxury home build, there are several important factors to consider. First, start by determining the accessibility of the space to you and your guests. Your outdoor kitchen should be close to those who are outside, but also close enough to your home. Proper positioning makes it easier for you to refill the outdoor kitchen with necessary supplies.

Outdoor kitchens can also be fitted with a sink, refrigerator, grill, and storage space for basic items (such as glassware). In fact, a small refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen will come in handy for entertaining. You can store beverages for the kids as they play outside, or drinks for the adults during a holiday barbecue. Have your homebuilders route a power source to the kitchenette for added functionality.

4. Cigar Room

If you need a getaway room within your custom home build, you can’t go wrong with a cigar room.  A cigar room provides a dedicated space for all your smoking needs (without inconveniencing other people in the home). This room also gives you an opportunity to incorporate luxurious furniture such as upholstered items, antique selections, and custom cabinetry. In addition, you can experiment with custom lighting options that add to a laid back and elegant space.

cigar room in a luxury home

Location will be an important factor when designing your cigar room. You should have the room built near an exterior wall, where ventilation from the room will easily move outdoors. Adding an ultra quiet air purifier will also ensure that the cigar smoke is contained to the appropriate room.  The cigar room should also be isolated from nearby rooms so that smoke doesn’t penetrate into the home.

To achieve proper ventilation within the room itself, install an exhaust fan (similar to those used in bathrooms). When turned on, the fan sucks out smoke from the room and moves it outside the home. Fresh air then comes in via an open window or through your HVAC system’s vents.

With a well-ventilated cigar room, you can enjoy a customized and comfortable getaway space right within your home.

5. Home Office

A home office is an important part of your new custom home. Designing a stylish and elegant office can keep you productive whenever you need to catch up on important tasks. Because more companies are incorporating flexible working hours, it’s essential for you to have a dedicated space in your new home where you can work.

A custom home office allows you to complete important tasks without unnecessary distractions from other people in the home. Consider designing a home office fitted with a desk, chair, computer, safe, and other important features you would need within your regular office. Large, L-shaped desks with adjustable office chairs will keep you productive anytime you enter the space. In addition, a safe in your office comes in handy for storing valuables out of reach of others.

You should also allow enough natural light to enter by designing large and open windows. Warm, neutral tones on the walls will create a productive environment for you while working. Because you have control over the design process, you have the freedom to customize your home office according to your needs.

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