5 Luxury Additions You Need In Your New Home

Adding luxury features to your new home is advantageous in many ways. When you use the best available materials, products and technology to design and construct your home you’re able to create a sanctuary for your family that’s truly perfect. There are a variety of features that you can improve upon to make your home luxurious from the ground up. Some of these include upgrading your interior, expanding the square footage and creating a gourmet kitchen that would leave most chefs envious.

You can replicate these 5 additions and stay within your budget with the help of a professional home builder. Here are some ways to turn your home into a dream retreat for you and your family:

Gourmet Kitchen

1. Gourmet Kitchens

Gourmet kitchens are desired by both home chefs and those who like to entertain in their homes. Before planning what yours will look like, be sure to ask yourself: what kind of dishes do you like to prepare? How many people cook in your house at any given time? What is the primary function of your kitchen? These questions can help you prepare and plan for the amenities that will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Gourmet kitchens often include include:

  • Superior quality, top-of-the-range appliances with industrial-strength ventilation. This can include appliances such as a: professional-grade range, double oven, warming drawer, dishwasher drawer, convection microwave, and microwave drawer
  • Plenty of storage, including a walk-in pantry
  • Heavy-duty countertop materials such as Quartz. These are a great choice as they don’t require sealing, are less porous than natural stones and are more durable and stain resistant
  • More than four times the amount of lighting than a regular kitchen. This includes task lighting which focuses light on specific work spaces in your kitchen
  • 2 Island areas adding additional counter space
  • Lighting below the toe kick
  • Lighting above the cabinetry
  • Multiple sinks for food prep and cleanup after a meal
  • Full-height stone backsplash
  • A spacious kitchen layout

Incorporating any of these additions to your kitchen will make your space more functional and easier to cook in. You won’t regret the additional time and thought you put into your kitchen as you use it daily.

2. Indoor Sport Courts

Indoor sport court

Research shows that to be a talented athlete, you have to put in three hours of practice a day for an entire decade! But even if sports are just a hobby, an indoor sport court has many advantages. Some of the most appealing reasons to put an indoor sport court in your home are:

  • You can play in your sport court year round because of the climate control
  • Your kids won’t have to leave the home to practice
    basketball or other sports, instead they can stay put and have friends over to play
  • Having an indoor sport court is a great way to blow off steam and get in a workout at the beginning or end of your day

This addition can truly make your house seem more luxurious and help you maintain an active lifestyle. It’s a feature that can be enjoyed regularly by the whole family.

3. In Home Theaters

In Home movie theater

Having a movie theater at home is a fantastic way to entertain your family and guests. Your home theater can be as large as you wish and include advanced sound features just like those at professional movie theaters. A home theater addition is appealing because:

  • The movie viewing atmosphere is more relaxed. At home you’re able to kick-back and do whatever you please without adhering to rules
  • You no longer have to waste time traveling to your local cinema to watch a movie, as you can do it in the comfort of your own home
  • You’ll save money on movie tickets and buying snacks
  • You can choose your own movies. When you have your own home theater your Friday night screening can be of any movie you choose

There’s no luxury home addition that’s as timeless as a home theater. Everyone in your family can enjoy this addition no matter their age. Wouldn’t you enjoy a Friday or Saturday night in with the family, watching your favorite movies?

4. Wine Cellars

If you enjoy wine, having your own wine cellar is a dream come true. With new technologies, you can regulate the temperature of specific spaces to house bottles of wine. Whether you’re looking to add a nook in your bar space or you’re looking for something more grand, you won’t be disappointed in this addition to your custom estate.

A wine cellar offers you numerous benefits such as:

  • It can keep your wine from spoiling
  • You’ll be better able to keep your collection organized
  • It’ll give you a safe place to store large quantities of wine depending on its size

If you’re looking for a way to bring your love of wine into your life in a more personal way, there’s nothing like having your own wine cellar. Whether you go with a large option or even something small, you’ll be glad to have the space to store vintage bottles of wine for a special occasion.

5. Expanded Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor recreation area

More and more homeowners are investing in their outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens, pools with waterfalls, hot tubs, and changing cabanas are some of the luxuries people are taking outdoors. It’s like having a vacation waiting for you right in your backyard!

An outdoor living area can have the following benefits:

  • It can strengthen your connection with nature
  • This area can provide another space for family bonding
  • It can increase the amount of livable space on your property
  • You’ll be able to take your entertaining outside when the weather is agreeable

In the summer, there’s nothing like having a small fire pit to sit by in the evenings with a glass of wine. If you have children, they’d definitely appreciate a pool in their backyard. There are so many ways to make the most of your lot’s outdoor space.

Are you thinking of building a new home? Contact Costa Homebuilders to pick the luxury features best for you and your family. Not only can we help you design and plan for your new home with our New Life Process, but we will help you select high end features, finishes and floor plans.

Enjoy a new standard of luxury, elegance, and comfort. If you’re looking to build a new estate home that is unrivaled in luxury and quality, look no further than Costa Homebuilders. Call us today to set-up a consultation.


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