Why you Should Start Building your Home in Spring

Building Your Home in Spring

Spring is a great time to begin building your new luxury home. Pittsburgh weather may lag behind other areas, but it’s safe to say the warmer temperatures are upon us and likely here to stay. What does that mean for home construction? It means weather delays are less likely, and after the excavation is done, there’s no need to worry about frost impeding the progress before your home’s foundation is complete. But those are just some of the reasons why you should start building your home in spring. 

Mother Nature is on your side

Benefits include:

  • Prolonged sunlight and warmer temperatures allow subcontractors to work longer days
  • Easier to mobilize trucks and equipment on and off the site of your future home
  • No need to plow and shovel building site
  • Ground isn’t frozen; no need for a temporary heat source for the worker crew or the ground for digging
  • No need to buy or rent concrete thermal blankets
  • Fewer weather delays in general

Costa Custom Home

Avoid the major obstacles

Many wintertime projects have difficulty when it comes to the home’s foundation and concrete floors. It’s possible for the concrete floors to be poured after your home has been framed, but you would probably need temporary heat added. And, if your location doesn’t get a ton of natural sunlight, each working day would be truncated, adding days to the timeline and therefore unavoidable costs.

Settle into your new home before summer’s end!

When you work with a custom homebuilder such as Costa, you’ll benefit from the extra attention and the fact that we go the extra mile.

We will help you choose land that will suit your wants and needs and layout. For example, some homeowners desire a walkout lower level. Others prefer not to have this; they’d like their kitchen to empty directly onto a stone patio—thereby avoiding deck maintenance. The same thing goes for the garage—whether you prefer an attached or integral garage scenario will impact which lot is right for you.

Partner with Costa Custom Homebuilders

Costa’s team of architects, designers, and builders will work with you to modify a standard floor plan to create your perfect home from scratch. Call us today to start the beginning of your next chapter of homeownership!


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