What really is a Luxury Home?

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A home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. It tells the story of your family to every guest who steps through the door.

Luxury Home - Outside

What story do you want to tell?

When it comes to home building and home remodeling, we find that people love to create custom spaces that add a touch of fantasy and a lot of luxury, but most of all that play to the way they live.

If you’re into entertaining and love to cook, for example, you’ll want a space for that. If you’re looking for just the right spot for your baby grand piano, this will need to work into your layout. Maybe a home theater is on the list for hosting those sleepovers for your kids. Whatever it is, you’ll want your home to accommodate it.

You’re creating a lifestyle

  • Curb appeal, check.
  • Open, livable layout, check.
  • Lifestyle experience, check.

Wait—what do we mean by lifestyle experience? We’re talking about the sum total of every detail of your home from the exterior appearance to the crown molding and stunning hardwoods, plus extras that are designed for your livability factor.

Maybe for you the master bedroom closet has to have all of the extras for today’s couple. This may include a center island with drawers, built-ins, extra shelving, and the perfect lighting. Whatever the case may be, luxury homes today reflect homeowners’ wish list for the ultimate in livability.

Trending smaller

Often, less is more. We’re not talking about less square footage. The trend is smaller lots for less maintenance, less footprint. Some neighborhoods are being designed specifically with green space in mind, or common areas for kids to play together, creating a community feel.

Today’s luxury homes may have less yardage, but inside we’re seeing an extra floor of living space (in the lower level perhaps) and larger spaces dedicated to the lifestyles homeowners want. That means less formal entertaining space, but grander kitchens with morning rooms that accommodate a larger gathering.

Incorporates high-tech technology

With the advent of the iPad, the ability to incorporate smart technology in your home just got even easier. These added conveniences are not only fun, they provide added security and privacy.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to access their in-home music and video from a touch of the screen? Or how about cameras in and around your home that you can access from your smart phone or to see when your daughter’s carpool has arrived in the driveway?

Temperature-controlled wine cellars and state-of-the-art appliances are also all the rage.


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