Integrated Whole House Remodeling

Whole home remodels require a team that understands your lifestyle and personal preferences. How will your family use the new space? What about your home currently works? What doesn’t work for you?

Costa Homebuilders has been building and renovating luxury homes in the Pittsburgh area for decades, over which we’ve consistently provided our clients with custom living spaces that fit their aesthetic, lifestyle, and design needs. Partnering with the right home builder means you will end up in your ideal home in a timely, transparent manner.

Designed and
Built for Your Lifestyle

Because there are many design elements involved, whole house remodels are a great fit for our New Life® Process, an all-inclusive approach that lets us work with you to fully plan a large-scale remodel in a way that reduces unforeseen circumstances—and stress— now and down the road.

Each member of your design and build team is fully versed in your budget, schedule, and material selections, resulting in an enjoyable experience for all involved. Costa is with you each step of the way, walking you through the decision-making process with an understanding and appreciation for what this investment means to you.

Leave the Details to Us

Costa Homebuilders takes an innovative approach to designing and building homes for Pittsburgh area residents. From start to finish, our team of in-house professionals takes pride in delivering you the best possible whole house remodeling experience, one that results in a functional and beautiful space you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

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What is the best part of the home remodeling process?

You get to keep making memories in the home you originally fell in love with. Costa Homebuilders is here to make your existing home feel as if it were built specifically for you.

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