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Tips for Simplifying the Custom Home Building Process

Building your own home is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. Rather than looking at a handful of homes that were built for someone else, when you build a custom home, you have the opportunity to personally handpick every detail to match your own style, needs, and lifestyle.

But some people worry about the stress that can arise during the home building process.

We understand. Building your own home requires a lot of decision-making and coordination. There’s a lot that goes into it.

But that shouldn’t be a show-stopper in achieving the home of your dreams!

To help you get through the home building process without losing any sleep, we’ve put together a few must-know tips for minimizing stress in the custom building process: 

Work with a builder to simplify the custom home building process.


Choose the right builder.

Most stressful experiences while building custom homes come down to working with the wrong builder. Sometimes, unavoidable issues arise in the home building process (just as they do in the home buying process). But choosing a builder who partners with you to navigate the bumps in the road will save you a lot of headaches.

A great home builder will manage contractors on your behalf, oversee the budget and timeline to make sure you stay on track, and handle any and all complications that arise. A great home builder will do everything they can to make sure you’re not up at night worrying about every last detail!

At Costa Homebuilders, making sure our clients have a positive building experience that results in a home they love is our greatest priority.

Our New Life® Custom Home Building Process gives you an organized roadmap that walks you from inspiration, to owning the home of your dreams. You’ll know what every step in the project entails before it even starts. Your role in the process is to tell us what your dream house looks like, and then we work on your behalf to make it a reality. If issues arise along the way, we get them straightened out for you.

When you feel confident that your future home is in good hands, you can sit back and relax!

Be involved.

Even though a great home builder makes sure all your bases are covered, we still want you to be involved in the process. After all, this is your vision that we are trying to bring to life! A great home builder will know how to create great custom homes, but only you know what your tastes and preferences are.

The very first step in our New Life® Custom Home Building Process is to meet with you and talk about your hopes and dreams for your home. We love when our clients come to the drawing board with scrapbooks, pictures, and ideas that they envision for their future home. The more you participate in the design and development of your custom home, the more closely it will align with your dream.

After construction has begun, stop by the job-site on a regular basis. Staying connected with your home as it is being built will give you the opportunity to make sure it aligns with your vision, and also helps you stay excited about it! When you feel like you have a finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your home, your worries will melt away.

It’s time to build your dream home!

Download our New Life Process to see how we make it easy.

Our New Life Process guides you through exactly how we help make your dream home a reality.

Understand what you’re getting.

Staying on budget is one of the greatest stress-inducers in the custom home building process. Guess what? Working with a top notch home builder is the best way to ensure you stay on track and on budget. Your builder should help you determine a realistic budget from the get-go, and manage it for you, so you don’t unexpectedly run out of money during the process.

While making decisions throughout the process, make sure you understand when a feature is an add-on and impacts your overall budget. A great home builder will give you a detailed list of what is included and what are upgrades, so you can see the big picture and prioritize what upgrades you can afford.

Maybe that home gym you’ve been dreaming of fits within your budget? Your builder will help you understand what’s included in your home’s design, and what amenities you have room for in your budget.

At Costa, we take it a step further. First of all, there are many features included in our homes that other builders like to charge extra for. Plus, we start with your budget and wish list, and design a home that fits within it. Then we use that plan to manage costs throughout the building process; our goal is to stay on track and reduce stress on your part.

Give yourself time to think.

The greatest benefit of building custom homes is getting to design every element to perfectly align with your dreams. If you are in a rush to get the show on the road while making design decisions, you could miss out on this advantage.

Giving yourself some time to think through what you really want in every detail of your new home will ensure the home you end up with is one you will be proud to call your own.

For this reason, our New Life® Custom Home Building Process gives you milestones to gradually make design decisions as you see your future home take shape. While we build your home, you have about four months to make choices about each feature as our builders start working on it, from the size of the walkway, to the type of molding inside, to light fixtures and cabinet pulls.

By giving our clients extra time to really think about these design elements as they see their home come to life, we find that it reduces the stress of making rushed choices, and results in a house that our clients love calling home.

Do you have questions about the custom home building process? Our team would love to talk to you today!


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