Green Landscaping – 6 Awesome Ideas!

In this economy, saving money is a necessity wherever possible. Using “green” philosophies in and around your home save you money in a variety of ways.

1. Composting

There are many environmentally-friendly items available on the market for fertilizing. Composting, is free and can rid you yard of leaves, garden matter and your grass clippings. By simply following a composting program you can have the microorganisms bacteria and worms make fertilizer for you.

2. Perennials

Every spring there are many sales including perennials in church parking lots and flea markets. These plants come from all over the plant world and have be grown from clippings and have been rooted. They are also extremely cheap. This is a great way to included some much needed color and variety to your garden without spending a lot.

3. Start Your Garden from Seeds

Nurseries charge you for putting seeds into pots and adding water. Save money by doing it yourself. Buy the seeds and prepare them to go after the last frost.

4. Keep all the Pots

When you do buy potted flowers keep the small plastic or the peat pots they come in for the next year’s crop of plants.

5. Natural Planting

In an effort to save on their water bills many homeowners are looking at wild plants that were around years before the settlers introduced their own varieties. Shop around and speak with a garden professional about where to find these plants.

6. Bird/Bat Houses and Feeders

Sparrows love snacking on caterpillars as well as other insects. They can literally make a meal out of your plants. Good bugs like ladybugs eat aphids along with other small insects which can harm plants.

A mature swallow eats its weight in insects a day. Bats will eat as many mosquitoes, plus moths and beetles. You can purchase domiciles for around $15.00 or you can build your own out of materials from around your home. Google bird and bat house building plans for multiple ideas.

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