One of the many advantages of using Costa Homebuilders is the opportunity to custom design your new dream home to your specifications. A home designed that’s by you will not only be sure to fit your family now, but will also serve you well in the years to come. Don’t pay for space you don’t use—instead, use 100 percent of your home every day.

Design Choices for Your Home

Costa offers the ability to review all of our available models so that you can see the homes our customers have designed and that Costa has built. You can view the models’ interior floor plans and the architectural style of the exteriors and then alter them to fit the vision of your home.  You can even name your own model. After you’ve decided on the design, we’ll work with you to ensure that your lot and your home fit together to create your new luxury home.

If you’d like to design your home from scratch, we invite you to sit down with us and/or our architect. We ask that you bring floor ideas and provide pictures of what you would like your exterior to look like, and he will merge them together to create your dream home.

These services are all built into Costa Homebuilders’ New Life® Custom Home Program. They are at NO extra cost to you once you decide to build your home. Contact us today to learn more about our design services.

Costa says, “Creating a home with the lifestyles of the clients in mind gives home buyers not just a house, but a vacation, making every turn into the driveway a peaceful retreat from the world.”

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