Building A Custom Home vs. Remodeling An Existing Home:
What’s Right For You?

To remodel or to build new; that
seems to always be the question.

While you are juggling the lists of “needs,” “wants” and “nice-to-haves,” in your house hunting process, we are working towards a solution where you can have it all. Our expertise in custom home building and remodeling means you don’t have to settle.

At Costa Homebuilders, we understand that your home is not just a roof and walls, but a reflection of who you are and what you love. Blending our client’s styles alongside our industry knowledge results in unique and lasting homes, everytime.

Now that you know that you and your vision will always be our first priority, it’s time to decide whether a custom home build or complete home remodel is right for you. Should you build from the ground up, or create something new from something loved but old? Both options will bring you closer to that perfect home you’re imagining, but there are a few factors to consider when choosing which route is best for you and your family.

Custom Home Build

Imagine being a part of building your family’s home from start to finish. There’s no denying that the idea of breaking ground on what will soon become the house of your dreams is an exciting thought. You’ll get to choose the location, help design and lay the framework, and be able to work alongside experts throughout the entire process, ensuring that every last corner is exactly as you’ve imagined. The options are truly endless.

This is a great option for you if you already have a lot, or wish to live somewhere with lot availability. Not sure where to start looking for lots? We can assist in the lot selection process in a number of quality neighborhoods.

A custom home build will allow you complete freedom to build the perfect home for your family’s personality and lifestyle, now and in the future. Your custom designed home will be everything you want and need. Because of structural restrictions, remodeling an existing home can’t guarantee the flow of your home will be exactly as you imagined. With a custom home build, there will be no adjusting your lifestyle to fit the house—in fact, it’s exactly the opposite!

Many people don’t realize that building a home from the ground up can be cost-effective. There are many reasons for this, and none of them compromise the quality of your home. For starters, home builders know where to source new, quality materials at a fair price. This also lends itself to a lack of necessary maintenance. New materials mean no repairs. New materials also mean that your home can be designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible, which will save you in utility costs over the years.

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Full Home Remodel

What happens when you love your location but your home no longer suits your lifestyle? If you are set on the placement of your home due to your love of the neighborhood, the school district you’re in, or the proximity to work, Costa will work with you to revamp your existing home to meet the needs of you and your family.

Don’t let anyone fool you, watching the transformation of a full remodel is just as rewarding as watching a home be built from the ground up. Prepare to witness outdated rooms morph into a luxury space you get to call home. What is the best part of the home remodeling process? You get to keep making memories in the home you originally fell in love with.

Perhaps you are in search of a new home, but the lot availability in your desired neighborhood is slim. With the right team of seasoned professionals, the sky’s the limit. Although it may be hard to imagine, Costa’s design expertise can make an older house feel as if it were made specifically for you.

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The New Life® Process

Building or remodeling a home means that you’re embarking on an exciting new journey. Costa Homebuilders has created The New LifeⓇ process to ensure that your journey reflects your vision and meets your budget. How do we do it? With five simple steps:

Getting To Know You™
A discussion to identify your needs, lifestyle and budget range.

Designing Your Home™
The design team transforms your vision into a home plan that’s on target with your budget range.

Bringing It All Together™
Design selections, specifications, and full construction plans are finalized and the budget approved.

Let’s Get Started™
The Costa Homebuilders Team transforms your home plans into reality.

Enjoy Your New Lifestyle™
Your home is complete, on time, and on budget, and Costa Homebuilders has earned your 5-star review.

Why Costa?

Costa Homebuilders have been building and renovating luxury homes in the Pittsburgh area for decades, over which we’ve consistently provided our clients with custom living spaces that fit their aesthetic, lifestyle, and design needs. Partnering with the right home builder means you will end up in your ideal home in a timely, transparent manner. Whether you’re building from scratch or transforming an older home, working with experts like us means experiencing the ultimate luxury - being able to enjoy your new home.

With Costa Homebuilders, you will have a partner in every decision you make, from the groundbreaking until the day that your welcome mat graces the doorstep.

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