Five Things to Consider When Building a Luxury Home

We’ve all heard the saying, “home is where the heart is.” This is particularly true for people who build their own luxury home. When you buy a pre-existing home, no matter how much you love it, there is always at…
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Building on Your Own Lot Makes the Custom Home Building Process Easy

Build on a Custom Lot When you’re ready to build a new home, it’s exciting to think about what it will look like—and how much you’ll enjoy living there—when it’s complete. First, though, you’ll start the process by designing your…
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When Do You Know that it’s Time to Build a New Home?

Building a New Home If you’re planning to move in the future – either close to your current location or further away – you’ve probably thought about how all of your home needs and wants will be fulfilled. Will you…
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What are our customers saying?

Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying The best way to gain piece of mind is to find out what others are saying about their experience building a custom luxury home. Pittsburgh-based Costa is fortunate to have an outpouring of…
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